Shunyata Research Defender Power Conditioning Module

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A power conditioner like no other! No chassis, outlets and no power cord yet  provides surge protection and noise reduction to your system! You simply plug it into the wall outlet.

The VENOM DEFENDER module was created by Shunyata Research to offer high-performance plug-in protection and advanced noise reduction technology for Shunyata Research's VENOM PS8 power distributorThe DEFENDER provides superior protection and noise-isolation by plugging it directly into the VENOM PS8 or into the wall outlet. When combined with the VENOM PS8 power distributor and several of the VENOM Series power cords it provides the most cost effective and performance enhancing power-distribution system in the industry! The VENOM DEFENDER features Shunyata's exclusive MPDA (multi phase differential array) which is a 30 element, surface-mount, filter network that dramatically reduces the noise floor improving musical enjoyment. Additionally, the NextGEN TMOVs provide up to 22,000 Amps of surge protection. This DEFENDER contains an integral fault LED indicator that gives a status of the protection circuitry. This feature alone can be an invaluable asset for those concerned about the viability of their system's protection!

No product on the market offers this kind of application flexibility, protection and performance and all for an incredibly affordable price!

Advanced MPDA Filter

The MPDA (multi-phase differential array) is a complex circuit that significantly reduces power-line noise without the audible or visible side-effects normally associated with conventional capacitive and inductive approaches.

Surge Suppression
The VENOM DEFENDER includes 22,000 Amps of transient surge protection.

L.E.D. Fault
Red L.E.D. fault indicator that gives status of the internal protection circuitry.

Plug and Play Convenience
It couldn't be easier to use. Simply plug it in to the VENOM PS8 or the wall outlet where the audio system is connected.

Protection and performance enhancement for amplifiers
The VENOM DEFENDER is the only solution that provides surge protection and noise reduction to power amplifiers without the negative effects of traditional chassis based power solutions. Eliminates the need for an extra power cord, internal wiring, outlets, breakers, coils and shelf space associated with conventional power conditioners.

Optional surge protection and noise reduction for the VENOM PS8
The VENOM DEFENDER offers the ultimate in utility by plugging directly into the VENOM PS8 or more conveniently into the same wall outlet as the PS8 to provide protection for the entire system -- without giving up any of the outlets on the PS8! This out-board protection and noise-reduction capability affords virtually unlimited flexibility across the broadest possible range of system applications.

Media systems and remotely located devices
Many entertainment media systems have components that are located in various locations around the house. Buying power conditioners for single devices in multiple locations is not practical and can be prohibitively expensive. The VENOM DEFENDER is the perfect solution for these systems, providing complete protection at a reasonable cost. Further, this solution eliminates the space consuming power boxes and the messy power cords.

- Max Voltage (US): 125VAC unregulated

- Max continuous current: NA

- Max surge current: 20,000 Amps (8/50ms)

- 1 x MPDA (multi-phase differential array)

- Inlet: IEC-C20
- US Plug: AC NEMA P15

note: VENOM PS 8 Power Strip not included

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