Cardas Ground Wires

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Ground Wires

Grounding issues between components leads to noise and hum. A central grounding point eliminates these problems, leading to greater dynamics, improved spatial imaging, and a lowering of the noise floor - especially in environments with an excess of radio frequency and electromagnetic interference.

Cardas 17.5 AWG multi-stranded Litz conductor Ground Wires are ideal for use with the Cardas Nautilus Power Strip. A Cardas CAB Banana connects to the 4mm jack next to the IEC on the Nautilus. Several Cardas Ground Wires can be attached to the CAB Banana, and from there, to unused line-level connectors on your equipment (ie, an RCA or XLR jack). In addition, some audio equipment has ground points to which a spade can be attached.

Every sound system is unique, and Cardas Ground Wires can be purchased individually, or in sets. Any length is available (using equal lengths is advised), and Cardas Ground Wires are available with nearly any possible connector, allowing you to create a custom loom for grounding your system.

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