VPI Strobe Disc

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VPI STROBE DISC - For 60 Hz powered turntables
Turntable speed evaluation disc. A must have for vinyl music lovers to enjoy music played at the correct speed. The VPI Strobe Disc is very easy to use. Place it over the spindle of your turntable and turn your turntable on. Then, watch the strobe ring under a normal fluorescent or LED light. It should be easy to see with black markings. Next, adjust the speed control of your turntable until the bands in the ring appear stationary. Your turntable is now rotating at the speed that you selected.

VPI Strobe Disc Features

  • - Accurately checks turntable speed
  • - Three Speeds: 33-1/3, 45 & 78 RPM
  • - Plus or minus 2% on the 33-1/3
  • - Large easy-to-read Strobe lines

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