VPI Prime 21 Turntable

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The original Prime turntable redefined and polished with a new fit and finish and improved performance. Upgraded with HW-40 feet, 3D Gimbal tonearm, and new machined top plate with additional bracing and isolation. The Prime 21 is bringing 2021 in on a high note. 

"The new VPI Prime 21+ (the number signifies the model year) aims to build on that solid foundation with a series of well-considered changes aimed at improving performance, ease of use and cosmetics."
-What Hi-Fi

Upgrades over Prime
  • HW-40 feet for improved isolation and a lower table profile
  • Machined metal top plate for improved chassis bracing
  • 3D-printed gimbal arm as standard (unipivot can be requested at no price difference)

The HW-40 feet have proven to be VPI's best isolators without breaking the bank, the lower profile also makes the table look cleaner, and is easier to fit into a shelf.

Moving the bottom plate to the top and adding more metal to wrap around the posts braces and makes the chassis more rigid. Grounding is better since all assemblies are mounted to that metal top plate. 

Cartridge not included

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