Solid Tech Radius Solo 2 Audio Equipment Rack

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The Solid Tech Radius Solo and Duo line provides an effective and stylish solution for vibration control without breaking the bank. Natural wood shelves combine with rigid extruded aluminum pillars in a great blend of form and function.

The Solid Tech story starts about fifteen years ago when Bjorn Ohlson, a Swedish engineer and audiophile, began experimenting with different suspension platforms for audio equipment.He quickly realised that most commercially available products did make a difference to the sound, but rarely for the better. Ohlson's extensive study and research led him to a better understanding of the fundamentals of damping and isolation of unwanted resonances in the equipment chain, resulting in the first Solid Tech platform. It quickly garnered critical acclaim from all corners of the audio world, and continues to do so.

Radius Solo Isolation system acts as a mechanical low pass filter in all planes. It provides your sensitive equipment with extremely effective and true isolation both horizontally and vertically within the entire audio band, a prerequisite for an audio system to perform at its peak. The result is increased fidelity, imparting of deeper and tighter bass, cleaner transient response, silkier highs, deepened and wider soundstage, increased image focus and low level resolution, results which a non-isolated design simply not can achieve. The technology of this isolation system, is equivalent to our critically acclaimed isolation foot Isoclear, it's effectiveness proven by series of measurements done by independent institute.

Shelving features black texture painted MDF for outstanding damping properties.

Radius corner-pillars are made from the finest Swedish Aluminum extrusion and beautifully anodized in  satin silver finish. The choice of Aluminum and extensive internal bracing provides for a very favorable weight/stiffness ratio and a non ringing design.


Width: 26.75" (680mm) 
Depth: 19.625" (500mm) 
Height: 18" (460mm) 
Maximum load/shelf: 130lbs (60kg) 
Width between pillars: 20.50" (520mm) 
Distance between shelves: 12.50" (319mm)
In order to facilitate the installation and for its excellent appearance, Radius Solo models 2 to 5 have a high quality and deeply chromed spirit level permanently mounted to the top shelf.

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