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ΞTRON™ SIGMA HIGH CURRENT Power Cord The SIGMA HIGH CURRENT power cord was developed exclusively for extreme high-current applications such as amplifiers and power conditioners such as the HYDRA TRITON, tasked with powering full systems of electronics. Every facet of the SIGMA HC has been optimized for maximum DTCD (Dynamic Transient Current Delivery) efficiency due to its massive 6 gauge conductor compliment and minimal measured impedance.

The SIGMA HC also utilizes Gabriel's proprietary ΞTRON™ circuit that has been designed specifically to reduce the frequencies of noise that are most commonly associated with high-current components such as amps, projectors and multi-component power conditioners. The noise-filter elements used in the SIGMA HC are entirely passive and non-reactive, meaning they will never get in the way of current flow, nor will they interfere with the power supplies of the components, making the SIGMA HC the ideal compliment to any high-current application.

For more modestly powered amps or power conditioners with lighter loads, the SIGMA ANALOG is more than large enough for all but the most extreme high-performance applications.

Suggested Applications: High-Current Amplifiers High-Current capable power conditioners (HYDRA TRITON) High-Performance Projectors Recording Panels (Neve 88 and others) High-Current Subwoofers (Wilson’s Thors Hammer etc)

- 6.0 feet (1.75M)


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