Shunyata ΞTRON™ SIGMA DIGITAL Power Cord

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ΞTRON™ SIGMA DIGITAL Power Cord The SIGMA DIGITAL power cord was designed specifically to eliminate the extreme high-frequency noise associated with all digital source and computer system components that are now common to most high-performance audio/video systems. SIGMA DIGITAL represents the first line of defense that prevents noise from being shared as interference with other electronics in the system. The SIGMA DIGITAL uses massive eight gauge conductors so there is no compromise to DTCD (Dynamic Transient Current Delivery) but should be used for front end digital components, rather than digital amps. For digital amps, the ALPHA HC or SIGMA HC would be the most ideal in terms of performance.

The SIGMA DIGITAL power cord utilizes Gabriel's proprietary ΞTRON™ circuit that has been designed specifically to reduce the extreme high frequency noise that is most commonly associated with digital source component power supplies. The noise-filter elements used in the SIGMA DIGITAL power cord are entirely passive and non-reactive, meaning they will never get in the way of current flow, nor will they interfere with the power supplies of the components. No matter how complex or well designed a digital power supply is, the SIGMA DIGITAL power cord will deliver a consistent, dramatic performance upgrade to literally any DIGITAL component application.

Suggested Applications: All Digital Source components, DAC’s, Digital Clocks, Servers, Transports, Upsamplers, LED Video, HD TV, Computers Disc Arrays.



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