Shunyata ΞTRON™ SIGMA ANALOG Power Cord

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ΞTRON™ SIGMA ANALOG Power Cord The SIGMA ANALOG power cord was developed exclusively for all electronics that use linear design analog power supplies, such as pre-amplifiers, modest to moderate current-draw amplifiers, phono equipment and any and all line-level components. The SIGMA ANALOG can also be used for power conditioners that are powering modest systems comprised of fewer than 5 components. The SIGMA ANALOG has been optimized for maximum DTCD (Dynamic Transient Current Delivery) and compatibility with the broadest possible range of electronics, regardless of design within the ANALOG power supply realm.

The SIGMA ANALOG power cord utilizes Gabriel's proprietary ΞTRON™ that has been designed specifically to reduce the frequencies of noise that are most commonly associated with ANALOG component power supplies. The noise-filter elements used in the SIGMA ANALOG are entirely passive and non-reactive, meaning they will never get in the way of current flow, nor will they interfere with the power supplies of the components. the SIGMA ANALOG the ideal power cord counterpart to any ANALOG component application.

The SIGMA ANALOG is more than large enough for all but the most extreme high-performance applications, so for those looking for a more reasonably priced and easy to use amplifier power cord, the SIGMA ANALOG’s 8 gauge conductor mass is more than up to the challenge.

Suggested Applications: Phono electronics of all types, Pre-amps, Amps, power conditioners, Tuners, Reel To Reel Decks



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