Shunyata Hydra DPC-6 V3 Digital Power Conditioner

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HYDRA DPC-6 is the first HYDRA designed specifically to optimize the performance of digital media-server entertainment systems. Components such as digital servers, routers, disc-arrays, transports, computers and digital media centers can output a significant amount of digital noise and often have cheap power supplies with poor filtration or noise barriers. The HYDRA DPC-6 electrically isolates (firewalls) these devices and prevents them from polluting the other audio components on the power line. The DPC-6 features a Shunyata Research developed digital filter that dramatically reduces the digital hash and noise that is commonly associated with digital media playback. Digital video components can also be used into the Hydra DPC-6 with amazing performance results.

NOTE: The DPC-6 requires a power cord with a C19 connector which is not included with the product.

DPC-6 V3 is improved With Trademarked CopperCONN Outlet for Better Dynamics, Backgrounds, and Tonalities Shunyata Hydra DPC-6 v2 Power Conditioner Includes Dedicated Filters

SDC - Shunyata Digital Coil

This coil was developed after years of research by Shunyata Research's Caelin Gabriel. It is unique in that it simultaneously provides common mode and differential mode noise reduction. It is a custom wound, single lay, air core design made with Shunyata Research's exclusive CDA-101 12 gauge power wire. The SDC isolates high frequency noise without significantly affecting the micro and macro dynamic range of the music.

VF-IV Filter

This is the latest incarnation of the VF filters that were made famous in the HYDRA VRay. It is a capacitive array that reduces digital noise without the associated ringing that plague other capacitive filter designs. Each AC duplex has a dedicated VF-IV filter to isolate each outlet from the others.

MPDA Filter
The MPDA (multi-phase differential array) is a complex surface mount circuit that significantly reduces power-line noise without the audible or visible side-effects normally associated with conventional capacitive and inductive approaches.

All commercial grade connectors and virtually all audiophile grade connectors are made from a brass or bronze base metals. Some audiophile grade connectors may get a plating of nickel, silver, gold or rhodium that is only a few millionths of an inch thick. The Shunyata Research CopperCONN™ is constructed using solid, high purity, oxygen free copper as the base metal with a flash coating to protect the copper from oxidation.

The CopperCONN™ outlets and connectors are designed to provide superior grip strength and contact integrity. This contributes to a measurable improvement in DTCD™ (Dynamic Transient Current Delivery) performance and a correspondingly obvious difference in audible performance.

L.E.D. Fault Indicator

Includes an L.E.D that indicates the condition of the surge circuitry.

The HYDRA DPC-6 is specifically designed for use with computer media components like those listed below:
- Computer
- Monitor
- Disk array
- Digital-to-digital converters
- Video processors
- Network devices

- Max Voltage: Max Voltage (US): 125VAC unregulated

- Max continuous current: 20 Amps (US and Asia)
- Instantaneous peak current: >200 Amps (800ms)

- Max surge current: 40,000 Amps (8/50ms)

- 3 x SDC Shunyata Digital Coil
- 3 x VF-IV Capacitive Filter Arrays
- 1 MPDA multi-phase differential array

Greater than 50db of noise isolation
(Between Zone-1, Zone-2 and Zone-3 outlets)
-30db @ 500Khz
-40db @ 1Mhz
-50db @ 2Mhz

- Hydraulic electromagnetic breaker

- Inlet: IEC-C20
- US Outlets: 6 Outlets (NEMA 5-20R)

- 3 x 12 AWG conductors
- CDA-101 Copper
- Shunyata's Alpha Cryogenic Treatment

- 16 Gauge Powder Coated Steel Chassis
- Aluminum Faceplate
- Vibration Isolation Treatment
- Shunyata's Isolation Footer

Width: 17 inches (43.18 cm)
Depth: 16.25 inches (41.27 cm)
Height: 4 inches (10.16 cm)
Weight: 25.4lbs (11.52 kg)

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