Shunyata Hydra Denali 2000T Tower Power Conditioner

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  • Designed to perfect the listening experience, the NEW DENALI Series power conditioners incorporate the absolute latest technologies from Shunyata Research.


The DENALI tower models are uniquely vertically oriented. The narrow front profile allows the DENALI to be placed beside an audio rack without taking up valuable shelf space. The close proximity to the audio equipment allows for shorter and neater AC power connections. They have their own integrated, vibration dampening base platform complete with integral stainless steel feet.

The DENALI 6000/S was designed for those who prefer a traditional shelf mount unit. The The DENALI 6000/S has the same specifications and performance as the tower model minus the integrated base platform.


    Shunyata Research introduces a unique solution for the problem of heavy high-end power cables. This system supports the weight of the power cable, thus preventing it from pulling away from the outlet.


    Shunyata Research’s own AC outlets are made from solid OFE copper contacts. These outlets provide the highest level of conductivity with the least amount of electrical resistance. There is no better outlet in the industry.


    The DENALI is wired with Shunyata Research’s ArNi® conductors. These conductors are of a “hollow tube” VTX design made from pure OFE C0100 copper and then treated with the KPIP™ process.


    Many of the electrical parts in the DENALI are treated in Shunyata Research’s advanced computer controlled cryogenics lab.


    Each DENALI power conditioner is treated with Shunyata Research’s proprietary KPIP™ process. The Kinetic Phase Inversion Process™ dramatically reduces burn-in time and significantly improves sonic performance.


    NIC v2 — Noise Isolation Chambers - Patented Noise Isolation Chambers significantly reduce electromagnetic interference in the megahertz to gigahertz ranges. These next-generation NIC’s are more efficient and smaller in size than their previous generation.


    The QR/BB is Shunyata Research’s latest, innovative, technology that eliminates the sense of dynamic compression often heard when an amplifier is connected through a power conditioner. Dynamics are actually improved when an amplifier is connected to DENALI power conditioners even when compared with a direct connection to a high-capacity dedicated AC line! (Patents pending)


    Component-to-Component Filters (CCI) isolate noise from one component to another component. These new CCI filters were originally developed to isolate electrical noise for military, scientific and medical imaging applications. They are currently being used to great effect in Electrophysiology heart surgery. CCI interference levels can be reduced more than -60dB from 500 KHz to 10 MHz!

  • The DENALI Series is designed for unlimited power delivery capability --> including high powered amplifiers. DENALI’s use an advanced, non-limiting 20-Amp electromagnetic breaker and are wired with massive 8 gauge internal wiring. Even the medical grade filtered outlets have a full 15-Amp continuous rating (the competition has a feeble 5-Amp rating).


    Mechanical vibration can be very destructive to system performance. The DENALI was designed from its inception to include advanced forms of vibration control. The all aluminum chassis is treated with vibration dampening panels. Each outlet has a vibration absorbing system to isolate it from the chassis and from vibration conducted through the AC cables. The CCI filters, NICs, and QR/BB are all potted with a vibration dampening compound.


    The DENALI 6000/T and DENALI 2000/T tower models feature an integrated isolation base platform. The base is a made from CNC machined aluminum plates and includes massive, vibration dampened 50mm stainless steel footers.

  • Tower Floor Model Zone: HC (QR/BB)

    2 Outlets: (NEMA 5-20R)

    Advanced Technologies:

    • NIC™ v2 (Patented)
    • QR/BB (Patent pending)
    • Gemini Surge Module
    • CCI™ Filter

    Maximum Voltage:

    • 90-125 VAC r.m.s. unregulated
    • 220-240 VAC r.m.s. unregulated

    Current Rating

    • Input: 20-Amp maximum continuous
    • Output: 20 Amps continuous

    Transient Suppression

    • Impulse: 40,000 Amps @ 8/50µs

    Noise Suppression:

    • Inlet to Z3 (HC) > 15db (100 Khz - 30 MHz)


    • IEC-C20 Inlet
    • NEMA 5-15R Outlets


    • All aluminum chassis
    • Brushed aluminum, anodized faceplate
    • Brushed aluminum, anodized baseplate


    • Width: 7.75 inches (19.7 cm)
    • Depth: 17.25 inches (43.8 cm)
    • Height: 9.00 inches (22.9 cm)
    • Weight: 17.7 lbs (8.0 kg)

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