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"The UberLight Flex is a professional work light originally designed for manufacturing applications. The owner of the company, an audiophile himself, discovered the UberLight could also function as a high-quality turntable lamp. With several light settings (we love the natural preset), the UberLight offers strong, clean light perfect for cleaning records, reading groove inscriptions, checking your stylus, or adding another visual dimension to your setup." - TTL

  • flexible LED task lamp for turntable / audio setups + more, ideal for Line Phono Turntable Station
  • excellent for record cleaning and inspection
  • 3 color settings (warm white / natural white / ultra bright) and 3 brightness settings (6W / 4W / 2W) for a total of 9 distinct possible light settings
  • 26.5" silicone gooseneck can hold virtually any shape, adaptable to any specific lighting needs
  • 270° rotational head
  • 2.12" c-clamp allows lamp to be moved + clamped to almost any surface
  • high-efficiency LED bulb rated for up to 60,000 hours of use
  • 80+ CRI rating ensures accurate color quality that's easy on the eyes
  • USB powered (72" cable + power brick included)
  • 1 year limited warranty

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