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    QUAD, the distinguished British audio brand, is launching its first new speakers since 2016. The Revela 1 and Revela 2 harness highly evolved versions of classic QUAD technologies that can be traced back to 1949 and QUAD’s first speaker system, the Corner Ribbon. These technologies, elevated to breathtaking new heights using modern materials and advanced contemporary design, have delivered two new models that are easy to accommodate and utterly beguiling to hear.

    Quad Revela 2 Floorstanding Speakers Introducing the Quad Revela 2 Floorstanding Speakers. These speakers will elevate your listening experience, featuring an advanced 'True Ribbon' unit that unlocks the depth and intricacy of your favorite music.

    The unique technology employed ensures crystal-clear sound reproduction, immersing you in a sonic world where every note is a revelation. Crafted for true audiophiles, the Quad Revela 2 boasts high-performance bass and midrange drivers meticulously designed to deliver a rich, dynamic soundstage. These drivers work in harmony to provide a well-balanced audio experience, capturing the nuances and emotions embedded within each musical composition.

    A testament to Quad's commitment to craftsmanship, the Revela 2's hand-finished cabinets exude sophistication and elegance. The speakers' captivating aesthetics seamlessly integrate into any living space, making them both a visual delight and an auditory marvel. Choose from a range of exquisite finishes, including real wood veneer or gloss black, to complement your personal style and interior décor.

    The exclusive 'Reveal' drivers, found solely within the Revela series, exemplify Quad's dedication to pushing the boundaries of audio innovation. These speakers are purpose-developed with the 20x27mm QUAD True Ribbon HF driver, guaranteeing an unrivaled listening experience that captures the artist's intent with unparalleled accuracy. Quad Revela 2 Floorstanding Speakers.

    General: Floorstanding Enclosure Type: Bass reflex Transducer
    Complement: 3-way Bass Driver: 2 x 165mm advanced fibre cone
    Midrange Driver: 150mm advanced fibre cone
    Treble Driver: 27 x 60mm true ribbon
    Sensitivity (2.83V @1m): 89dB Recommended Amplifier power: 20-200w Peak
    Power Handling: 200w Peak SPL: 110dB
    Nominal Impedance: 6Ω Minimum Impedance: 3.9Ω
    Frequency Response (+/-3dB): 40Hz – 24kHz Bass Extension (-6dB): 35Hz Crossover Frequency: 650Hz – 3.8kHz
    Cabinet Volume (in litres): 14.8L/28.5L
    Height (on plinth & spikes): 962mm Width: 350mm Depth: 320mm
    Carton Size: 440mm x 410mm x 1076mm
    Net Weight: 31.8kg/ctn

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