Pure Vinyl LP Record Cleaner Solution

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Pure Vinyl is a specially formulated cleaning solution for all vinyl records. The solution is a blend of surfactants and wetting agents developed to aggressively dissolve oil and water based contaminants from the surface of the record. Not only can you use the manual method, but Pure Vinyl is easy to use with your existing record care system such as SpinClean or automatic or semi-automatic machines. 


  • Saturate the record grooves with Pure Vinyl. Use undiluted
  • Use a CLEAN brush (a 2" natural bristles paintbrush from the hardware store works great!) to work Pure Vinyl into the record grooves in a back and forth motion, following the grooves direction
  • Briefly rinse the record with tap water
  • Repeat step 1 and 2 with DISTILLED WATER, using the brush in a circular motion to completely remove all traces of Pure Vinyl
  • Leave the record to dry on a clean 100% cotton towel. Flip after 20 minutes to make sure the label air dries. You can accelerate drying by gently dabbing the grooves with a 100% cotton towel
  • It is absolutely essential to rinse Pure Vinyl with DISTILLED WATER. Tap water contains minerals that will contaminate the grooves
  • The center label will not unglue or get damaged, however, when wet, the paper becomes fragile, make sure you do not rub or dab the label when wet
  • Some record labels produced in the 1940s and 1950s are printed with a lithographic process where the solid ink color may tint the rinse water


Using SpinClean? The steps are the same as above, except you will use the brushes that came with your SpinClean. First, empty a bottle of Pure Vinyl into the SpinClean tray. Then add a little DISTILLED WATER to fill up until the record grooves are completely immersed.

Spin in a come and go fashion to scrub the grooves. When you are done, you need to completely RINSE the record surface using ONLY distilled water. You can re-use Pure Vinyl™ over time, using a paper coffee filter to filter out impurities. When the Pure Viny™ solution becomes grey or brownish, it is time to replace.


The procedure is the same, except that you do not have to soak the record. Just spray on enough Pure Vinyl™ to completely saturate the surface of the record. Lightly scrub with machine brush (or micro fiber brush), vacuum the solution, the RINSE with distilled water, and vacuum again.

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