PSB Alpha PS1 - SubSeries 100 Compact powered speakers and subwoofer

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Here's a specially priced package that combines PSB's critically lauded Alpha PS1 compact powered speakers with the small but mighty SubSeries 100 powered subwoofer. It's a great system for your computer music or any small room. The Alpha PS1 features a built-in, highly efficient 2 x 20W amplifier (housed in the left speaker), a 3.5-inch metalized polypropylene cone and oversized magnet structure, plus a 3/4-inch aluminum tweeter. The universal power supply works with any AC voltage, which makes it perfect for world travelers. The curvaceous, organic form is beautiful and functional, as it allows maximum internal volume for improved bass response. 

The simple solution for great sound
Just plug your computer, game console, tablet or smart mobile device into the Alpha PS1 and you have a complete sound system - one with a high-end audio pedigree. For the ultimate in gaming excitement and dramatic home theater effects, the SubSeries 100 powered subwoofer adds deep bass you can feel. Use the included 1-1/2-foot RCA subwoofer cable to connect to the convenient subwoofer output, and the volume control will now adjust the Alpha PS1 speakers and the subwoofer together in perfect synchronization. If you crave a sonic boost for your TV, computer, CD, DVD or Blu-ray player or any other device, the Alpha PS1 won't disappoint. You can even go wireless by using Apple's AirPlay ecosystem and just connecting an Airport Express to the Alpha PS1.

  • Package includes 2 PSB Alpha PS1 2-way Powered Loudspeakers, 1 PSB SubSeries 100 Powered Subwoofer, and a 6-1/2-foot RCA Subwoofer Cable
  • Alpha PS1 Speakers feature 3.5-inch metalized (TBD) polypropylene cone woofer, .75-inch aluminum dome tweeter and high efficiency 2 x 20W Power Amplifier
  • SubSeries 100 Subwoofer features 50W continuous and 100W dynamic peak power, a 5.3-inch long throw woofer, 1-1/2-inch voice coil and Variable Crossover Frequency 50Hz - 150Hz
  • Rear USB power outputs on left speaker and subwoofer allow you to charge connected devices (does not support audio transfer)

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