PS Audio Power Port Classic Audiophile Power Outlet

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The Power Port Classic is our AV Grade high-end AC receptacle that is the starting point for any properly built system. By installing the Power Port AC receptacle in your room you gain an immediate improvement in performance over a standard wall receptacle. The Power Port is a custom built, AV Grade isolated ground receptacle that will ensure a life-long level of excellence. The Power Port exceeds hospital grade standards for grip strength, contact resistance and current delivery. Easy to install in your wall, this is one component you need in your listening room as it will help make an immediate improvement. 

Works with 15 or 20 Amp circuits

15 coats of polished nickel over high-purity copper, with the "grip of Mickey Mantle" and polished nickel plated hardware, this a must have in your system.

  • 15 coats polished nickel 
  • 15 or 20 amp ready 
  • Improves images 
  • Easy to install 
  • Cleans the soundstage 
  • Open, airy, top end 
  • Improves midrange bloom 
  • Will not degrade over time 
  • Improved connectivity 
  • Lowers apparent noise floor 
  • AV Grade™

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