ProAc Tablette Ten Speaker - pair - CHERRY

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  • The new ProAc Tablette 10 is a tenth generation of the Tablettes launched in 1979. The Tablette 10 is an all new design, using a thin walled heavy damped infinite baffle enclosure which is the same as the BBC LS3/5a. This design allows the Tablette 10 to be positioned against the wall, unlike a ported enclosure (not recommended).

    The new Tablette 10 has cutting edge new drive units, the bass driver has a Paginna Mika cone which is reed leaves mixed with Mika and coated with an acoustic dope.

    The crossover has been specially designed for a sealed enclosure with a network which shapes the response to give a rich bass and an extremely transparent midrange. The tweeter is our well known 1 inch silk dome used in many of ProAc's other models.

    • Two-way compact bookshelf loudspeaker
    • Thin wall bitumen dampened cabinet
    • Infinite baffle (sealed), perfect for tight spaces like bookcases and near boundaries
    • 25 mm (1") silk dome tweeter with dampened front plate
    • 125mm (5") woofer w/ Paganni Mika cone, with acoustic coating
    • 10 ohm nominal impedance
    • 86dB sensitivity
    • 5 watt min, 50 watt max continuous
    • 305mm (12") H, 190mm (7.5") D, 235mm (6.25") D
    • Standard Finishes: cherry, black ash, mahogany, black ash, silk white
    • Premium Finishes: Rosewood, Ebony. (Premium Finishes to order at extra cost*)
    • Sold in pairs

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