Pro-Ject 2 Xperience SB SE Turntable with Cartridge - Mahogany - Open Box

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    Vinyl player Pro-Ject 2-Xperience SB is a model of the 2-Xperience line, which absorbed all the best that Pro-Ject developed and invented in its twenty years of existence. This player is able to raise the experience of listening to vinyl records to a completely different level.
    Pro-Ject 2-Xperience SB has the same visual performance as its predecessor model 2 Xperience.

    Massive chassis made of fiberboard, manufactured by a special technology, excluding the appearance of vibrations, interfering with listening to your favorite recordings. The same purpose is served by height-adjustable tapered legs with a special protective coating.

    The Pro-Ject 2-Xperience SB has a new precision motor with a built-in speed controller powered by a constant current source (800 mA). The rotation speed (33 rpm or 45 rpm) can be changed with just one click. Pro-Ject itself describes the construction of a 300 mm diameter support disk made of a special vibration resistant material, as "a stable and reliable platform that can be trusted by your records." Vinyl surface of the disc acts as a substrate and reliably holds the plate, not allowing it to slip. The plate is additionally pressed by a special clamp.

    Pro-Ject 2-Xperience SB is equipped with a 9.9 Evolution tonearm, which is made of carbon fiber and has already proven itself in other Pro-Ject players. 9ss Evolution counteracts resonances with balancing balances, insulated with sorbotane. Complement the picture is an inverted tonearm bearing with four stainless steel balls and a tonearm lift with a silicone coating. The player comes with an Ortofon 2M Silver pickup with silver voice coils that provide a "pure musical sound". The transparent casing that comes with it will protect all parts of the device from dust particles and keep its original look for many years to come.
    Pro-Ject 2-Xperience SB is specially created to give all music enthusiasts a pure and genuine pleasure from listening to melodies and musical compositions.

    • 9" Tonearm is completely made of carbon fiber with technology EVO 
    • The hinge design with EVO technology 
    • Counterweight with EVO technology with tonearm resonance elimination device 
    • Passive drive 
    • Electronic speed controller with speed change 33/45 rpm, with exceptional stability 
    • Foundations from MDF 
    • Aluminum cones with Sorbothane dampers, height adjustable 
    • Mechanical decoupling of the motor to reduce vibration 
    • Combination support disk made of MDF/vinyl with a weight of 2 kg, optimized for resonance 
    • Screw-type metal clip for phonograph records 
    • Chrome-plated stainless steel shaft with low tolerance, rotating on a polished teflon support plate in a sintered bronze bearing housing 
    • Gold-plated connectors such as "tulip" and grounding screw 
    • Standard cable included
    • Type of drive: passive 
    • Supported disk rotation speeds: 33 1/3, 45 
    • Switching the speed of rotation of the disk: electronic switch 
    • Variations of rotation speed: ± 0.5% 
    • The detonation coefficient: ± 0.08% 
    • Support plate material: fiberboard 
    • Substrate material for the reference disc: vinyl 
    • Diameter of the supporting disc: 300 mm 
    • Player table material: Fibreboard 
    • Signal to noise ratio: - 70 dB 
    • Tonearm: Pro-Ject 9cc Evolution (Swivel, straight, anti-skating, effective tonearm length 230 mm, effective tonearm mass 8.5 g, material - carbon fiber) 
    • Approach of the needle (overhang): 18 mm 
    • Clamping force range: 10 - 30 mN 
    • Power supply: 15 V, 800 mA 
    • Dust Cover: yes 
    • Clamp for vinyl discs: yes 
    • Power Consumption: 4.0W max 
    • Dimensions (with closed lid) (W x H x D): 460 x 160 x 360 mm 
    • Weight: 7.7 kg

    Ortofon 2m Silver

    • Output voltage 5.5 mV
    • Channel separation >25dB @ 1kHz
    • Compliance dynamic/lateral 20/20 µm/mN
    • Frequency response - 20-20.000 Hz + 3 / - 1 dB
    • Tracking ability at 315Hz at recommended tracking force *) - 70 µm
    • Compliance, dynamic, lateral - 20 µm/mN
    • Stylus type - Elliptical
    • Stylus tip radius - r/R 8/18 µm
    • Equivalent stylus tip mass - 0.5 mg
    • Tracking force range - 1.6-2.0 g (16-20 mN)
    • Tracking force, recommended - 1.8 g (18 mN)
    • Tracking angle - 20°
    • Internal inductance 700 mH
    • Recommended load resistance 47 kOhm
    • Cartridge colour, body/stylus  -  Black/Silver
    • 2M standard and 2M Verso cartridges weight  -  7.2 g

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