Pretenders - Break Up the Concrete - Vinyl LP

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US only LP pressing. Think of this long awaited studio album as if it were the first Pretenders record: musical turf that's defined by attitude, lyrical and melodic mastery, and the unexpected...and Chrissie Hynde's voice as you've always known it. "Break Up The Concrete" is an authentic slice of rock Americana, ranging from blistering punk to the most delicate storytelling as told by the queen of rock royalty herself. WEA 2008.

LIMITED EDITION - (2) 10" LP Vinyl & CD version included within

1. Boots Of Chinese Plastic
2. The Nothing Maker
3. Don't Lose Faith In Me
4. Don't Cut Your Hair
5. Love's A Mystery
6. The Last Ride
7. Almost Perfect
8. You Didn't Have To
9. Rosalee 1
0. Break Up The Concrete
11. One Thing Never Changed



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