Peachtree Audio DeepBlue 2 Bluetooth Speaker System

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The Ultimate Bluetooth Speaker

  • Award-winning Bluetooth speaker with big sound
  • Designed from the ground-up to deliver full-range sound with an emphasis on deep bass
  • Built-in 440-watt amplifier that is 5X more powerful than Bluetooth speakers currently on the market
  • aptX Bluetooth Audio Receiver: connect up to five Bluetooth devices and toggle through them with the BT button
  • Includes 3.5mm analog input to connect turntable (pre-amp needed) and other audio sources
  • Also includes optical digital input which accepts high-resolution 24/96 digital audio
  • 6.5 inch woofer moves a serious amount of air and creates deep impactful bass
  • Utilizes a total of five speakers in a three-way configuration to create a powerful balanced sound so every instrument and voice can be easily heard
  • Unique sealed box design outperforms the typical ported box + passive radiator designs by creating clean deep bass that doesn't distort at high volume
  • Additionally connects to Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Sonos Connect, HDTV, and more
  • Includes remote control

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