Monitor Audio Silver W12 Active Subwoofer

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  • The Monitor Audio Silver Series subwoofer delivers seismic bass right down to 22 Hz using a powerful, long throw 12-inch driver. The Silver W-12’s over-specified driver assembly employs a hugely powerful magnet system and massive voice coil to deliver immense power from the compact sealed cabinet. A heavy-duty diecast basket not only holds the massive system rigidly together, but also assists thermal sinking to keep the driver cool.

    For the Silver W-12 subwoofer Monitor Audio specified a 500-watt Class-D amplifier and power-supply module from highly-regarded amplifier specialist Hypex; this provides incredible headroom and utilises advanced switch-mode power conversion techniques. A powerful DSP has been employed to deliver the best performance and filter characteristics, while running the unique APC (Automatic Position Correction) system. The APC is a completely in-house development, designed to automatically correct for room modes. It uses a microphone and test tones to calculate detrimental room modes and correct frequency response, optimising it for the room and position. This is a simple and quick automated process that is a complete revelation to the installer and ensures the user can enjoy the subwoofer quality without positioning restrictions. 

    At the heart of the Silver W-12 lies a sophisticated 32-bit micro-controller, monitoring performance thousands of times per second, ensuring the system can deliver the best possible bass. It will never become over-driven or distorted, even at maximum power.

  • Ultra long-throw 12-inch driver featuring ‘dished’ C-CAM cone

    Triple suspension for ultimate linearity ensuring control at high power and excursions

    Oversized black anodized 3-inch voice coil which provides high power-handling and low distortion

    Powerful 500 W RMS Class-D amplifier with switching power supply provides instantaneous delivery of high current when required

    DSP processing with all control features and crossover performed digitally

    Automatic Position Correction plus automatic room setup feature using microphone for simple system optimization

    USB for firmware updates

    Three preset EQ mode settings (Music, Movie, Impact)

    12 V trigger provides switching control from AV amp or processor

    Solid 25 mm-thick (1-inch) MDF cabinet construction

    Heavy radial cabinet bracing

    Top-mounted control panel and mic. input for easy access to main features

    Selected premium-quality wood veneers in high-gloss lacquer and Satin White finishes

  • Low Frequency Response

    20 Hz (Typical IEC room)

    Upper Frequency Limit

    40 – 120 Hz variable

    Low Pass Filter Alignment

    Active 4th order 24 db/octave

    Amplifier Power Output

    500 W continuous

    Amplifier Classification

    Class-D amplifier with switched-mode power supply (SMPSU)

    Bass EQ Profiles

    1: Movie

    2: Music

    3: Impact

    Phase Control

    0 & 180 degrees

    Auto Sensing

    Line Level >2 mV

    Input Level Requirements

    Standby after 20 minutes if no signal sensed

    Driver Complement

    1 x 12” C-CAM subwoofer driver featuring triple suspension and 3” long throw voice coil

    12 V Trigger Input

    5 – 12 V via 3.5 mm mono mini-jack socket

    Cabinet Dimensions (excluding grille and amp)

    340 x 340 x 380 mm

    (13 3/8" x 13 3/8" x 14 15/16”)

    Dimensions (including grille, amp and feet)

    370 x 340 x 410 mm

    (14 9/16" x 13 3/8" x 16 1/8”)

    Mains Input Voltage

    110 – 120 Vac /

    220 – 240 Vac 50/60 Hz (Electronically Auto selected)

    Power Consumption

    400 W / 0.5 W in Standby (ErP approved)

    Weight (unpacked)

    20.1 kg

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