Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Mofi SHINE-OLA CD Cleaner

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Mobile Fidelity's Shine-Ola is a proprietary polycarbonate cleaner designed to provide a gentle, effective, scratch-free way to clean your digital discs. Shine-Ola is an incredibly pure cleaner that leaves no residue and will not break down a disc’s polymers!
2 oz

Shine-Ola is safe for use on all polycarbonate discs (see list below) Shine-Ola removes the heat-generated waste molecules left behind by the pressing process, thus preventing laser-wandering. Shine-Ola is provided with an ultra-soft Micro Fiber Cloth for easy and safe cleaning. Shine-Ola creates an instantly noticeable sonic benefit! Burning Yor Own CDs? We recommend using Shine-Ola on CD-Rs before recording to ensure the CD-R surface is as clean as possible. Each 2 oz. bottle of MoFi Shine-Ola will clean approximately 200 CDs, however, if you spray carefully enough to cover the entire disc in one spray, up to 350 uses is possible. Shine-Ola is safe for use on all polycarbonate discs, which includes

  • CD, CD-Rs, CD-RW and all variations of recordable CDs
  • SACD, DVD-Audio
  • DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW and all variations of recordable DVDs
  • Blu-Ray, HD-DVD, CD-V and LaserDiscs

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