MicroMega MySPEAKER with MyAMP Inside - Powered Speaker - PAIR

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The joining of two Micromega products

A unique high-end compact speaker that available combines a high quality Class A/B Amplifier with USB, Bluetooth aptX, Coaxial, Optical and analog inputs 2x60watts - 24-Bit SABRE Hyperstream DAC - Input swithchip via FET buffered relays 5 1⁄4" Polypropylene bass driver and 1" soft- dome tweeter Down-Firing bass reflex for better room integration

The MyAMP and MySPEAKER were made for each other.

Save on space by combining a compact speaker with an amplifier which has USB, Bluetooth, coaxial, optical and analogue connections.

Available in white satin or black satin.

A truly modern stereo system

All of the same qualities as the MySPEAKER

The MySPEAKER MyAMP INSIDE works on exactly the same acoustic principals as the MYSPEAKER.

This means that the Bass-Reflex is located under the speaker, producing sound which fills up your room and is less sensitive to speaker placement.

The horn tweeter is coated with absorbent material to avoid cabinet reflexion. The internal filter was added after long listening periods to ensure more precise quality listening.. The internal filter was added after long listening periods to ensure more precise quality listening.

A magical speaker

A complete amplifier panel

MySPEAKER speakers connect to your amplifier via terminals which are compatible with all types of connectors or bare cable.

  • Bluetooth aptX input
  • USB terminal ( 24-bit / 96 kHz)
  • Coaxial et optical input ( 24-bit / 192 kHz)
  • Analog input with RCA plug
  • Subwoofer output
  • Terminal for connecting the second speaker
  • USB port for recharging your handheld devices
  • Trigger plug for installing a home automation system
  • Left or right placement choice for the amplified speaker
  • Adjustable voltage

For the best

MySTAND is the perfect partner for your MySPEAKER and MySPEAKER MyAMP INSIDE. Made in lacquered steel, they will position your loudspeaker at the perfect height for listening. MySTAND is delivered with spikes and counter-spike. Loudspeaker cable can go through the tube.

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