MicroMega - My System - All-in- One - BLACK

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Micromega MySystem Amplifier and Loudspeakers - BLACK

System Includes - Audiophile Integrated Amplifier, HiFi Loudspeakers, USB, Optical, and a pair of speaker cables. 

The MySystem is made for music lovers by music lovers, and offers great value for money and audiophile HiFi sound quality.

MyAmp is a cleverly designed class AB integrated amplifier that is built around an advanced resonant mode power supply that provides 2x30W (8 ohms) and 2x60W (4 ohms) of clean power- together with tremendous dynamic range. The MyAmp is also fitted with all the latest inputs: USB, Bluetooth aptX, Coaxial SPDIF and Optical Toslink.

MySpeaker - Compact, economical and with a surprisingly well balanced and high performance sound, MySpeaker's design and construction takes advantage of high quality drivers and a unique crossover. Due to its size, MySpeaker is suited to giving you a great listening experience when used on a bookshelf or on speaker stands.

MyCable - These are designed to link the various elements of the My range together without losing any performance quality.

System Includes - Audiophile Integrated Amplifier, 2 HiFi Loudspeakers. The line-up includes speakers cables to connect MyAmp to MySpeaker, a high speed USB interconnect to connect your computer or tablet and one optical cable.

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