MicroMega M One Integrated Amplifier with DAC, DSD, Phono, Airplay, Bluetooth and LAN

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M-One is not only an integrated amplifier, but a window into a unique musical experience …

The M-One is everything you could want in a one-box solution, and then some!

No single audio product before the M-One delivers such a feature-packed and modern product that fits into such a small and elegant space – crafted from a single block of Aluminum.

Essentially, it's an integrated amplifier, but with every connection you could want.

Against all the odds, our engineers have managed to incorporate all the latest connections – Bluetooth aptX, LAN-Network 24bit /384kHz Asynchronous, SPDIF Coax-Opto-AES 24bit / 768kHz USB asynchronous passing DXD, DSD, DOP…, Phono MM / MC, Analog balanced and unbalanced inputs, and DSP with automatic room correction. Analog Balanced and Unbalanced Inputs, are just some of the inclusions.

It is often the most demanding constraints that inspire engineers and designers to strive for creative and innovative solutions. Our tailor made M-One integrated amplifiers are a perfect example (M.C.F.) !

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Common audio wisdom dictates that high fidelity is best achieved with separate components, discreet circuitry, and space-consuming electronics and cables. However, this conventional wisdom is not without exception. Seeming contradictions exist where products have been able to produce the same phenomenal sound in a much smaller electronic package. This appears to be the logic behind the brand Micromega, whose paradoxical name has been associated with high-quality audio in unique packages since 1987. The company’s new M-One range of integrated amplifiers lives up to this legacy, offering a sleek and compact visual with a shocking array of connectivity options. It should go without saying that sound quality is at the forefront of the design. The device includes a DAC that is compatible with all high-resolution audio formats, a phono stage for turntables with both moving-magnet and moving-coil cartridges, power amplifier for loudspeakers, and many other options.

The rear panel of the device has 26 connections, what one would expect from a mainstream A/V receiver rather than an audiophile integrated amplifier. Micromega touts that the device is encased in a cabinet milled from a single block of aluminum, and it comes in a variety of colors to suit the listener’s preferences. The M-One is sure to satisfy even the pickiest room designer or audiophile.

It’s an absolute engineering miracle!
Premium Gloss finishes available for an additional $1000.00

DAC PCM 32/768 et DSD256
Bluetooth SBC - apt-X
USB asynchronous 
Calibration microphone M.A.R.S (optional)

POWER : 2x100 W (8 Ohms) et 2x200 W (4 Ohms)
Rapport signal /bruit : 100 dB (RCA), 103 dB (XLR) et > 75 dB (phono)
SEPARATION: 96 dB @ 1 kHz et 80 dB @ 10 kHz
1.4 Vrms (RCA) - 1.7 Vrms (XLR)
1x USB type B
2x USB type A (service)
1x S/PDIF optique Toslink
1x S/PDIF coaxiale RCA
1x  trigger
1x phono MM/MC
1x microphone
1x pre-out XLR
1x  RCA

430 x 56 x 350 mm
10.7 kg

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