Luxman Limited Edition L-595ASE Integrated Amplifier

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Luxman will launch the special anniversary model of the integrated amplifier named L-595A LIMITED at the end of October, which will revive the appearance and sound quality of the iconic  "L-570" series, whose first model was released in 1989. The production will be limited to 300 pieces.  Luxman's 95th-anniversary model, which revives the glory of the L-570 series of pure class A semiconductor integrated amplifiers is executed with modern metal processing technology.  A separate black alumite part is used for the lower part of the housing and the front panel is given a two-tone hairline finish.

The amplifier section is equipped with Luxman's latest amplifier circuit, ODNF-u, and features a 3-stage Darlington 3-parallel push-pull configuration with rated outputs of 30W + 30W (8Ω) and 60W + 60W (4Ω).  The power supply combines a high regulating power transformer and a high capacitance block capacitor independently for both channels.  A discrete buffer circuit, which improves the driving force for the power amplifier block, is mounted on the output stage of the preamplifier circuit.

L-595A LIMITED  is equipped with the new electronically controlled "LECUA1000" attenuator, which integrates an 88-stage circuit to achieve smooth volume control. In addition, the interconnection board uses a peel-coated circuit board, which eliminates the resist that negatively affects sound quality, and the board wiring uses a round pattern that realizes even current transfer.

Since it has a built-in phono amplifier circuit that supports MM / MC, you can also enjoy analog records without having to buy an additional special phono amplifier.  The input offers 4 lines, 1 phono (MM / MC switching), 2 balanced lines, 1 separate input/output. The loudspeaker output can be output simultaneously with two systems, A and B.  The playback frequency spectrum extends from 20Hz to 100kHz (20Hz to 20kHz / 8Ω). The input sensitivity and the input impedance is 2.5 mV / 47 kΩ for the phono (MM) input, 0.3 mV / 100 Ω for the phono (MC) input and 180 mV / 47 kΩ for the line input.

The maximum external dimensions including the front knob and the rear connection are 454 x 462 x 186 mm (width x depth x height) and the weight is 27.7 kg. 

It is supplied with an aluminum remote control "RA -17A" and a power cable "JPA-15000", which can also be used to operate compatible CD / SACD players.

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