Kimber Kable Base Combo - 8VS Speaker Cable - PBJ Interconnect

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8VS consists of eight gray and eight black conductors arranged in a large format braid. The conductors feature VariStrand conductor geometry and are drawn from ultra-pure copper. The aggregate wire size is two 9awg conductors. The smooth power and authority of 8VS makes it a great match for full range speakers, subwoofers, and the low frequency section of bi-wired loudspeakers. The highly acclaimed PBJ interconnect exhibits simple, elegant construction incorporating proven tri-braid field geometry, Varistrand, Hyper-pure copper conductors and extruded Teflon® dielectric. PBJ has become a classic with performance that continues to be unmatched by competing cables. Tonally balanced with clear, articulate highs, accurate midrange, tight extended bass, and three dimensional soundstaging are common descriptions echoed by surprised reviewers and satisfied customers. PBJ single-ended features our Ultraplate RCA type connector. WBT® RCA type connectors are also available. PBJ Balanced features "studio grade" XLR type connectors with silver plated contacts. Varistrand Ultra-pure copper Sold as a combo package

8ft pair -Kimber Kable 8VS Features

Eight gray and eight black braided conductors 2 x 9awg/6.62mm
VariStrand ultra-pure copper
Special formula PE dielectric
SBAN Banana Connectors

Kimber Kable 8VS Technical Specifications

Parallel capacitance: 744pF @ 20kHz
Series inductance: 0.378H @ 20kHz
DC loop resistance: 0.021Ù
Total reactance: 0.047Ù @ 20kHz
Frequency response: 0.5dB DC-150kHz

1.0m pair - Kimber Kable PBJ Features

Tri-braid field geometry
Varistrand Hyper-pure conductors
Extruded Teflon dielectric
Ultraplate RCA. 

Kimber Kable PBJ RCA Technical Data

Parallel capacitance: 55.0pF @ 20kHz
Series inductance: 0.770µH @ 20kHz
DC loop resistance: 0.053Ù (Xt) total reactance: 0.097Ù @ 20kHz
Frequency response: ± 0.5dB DC - 3MHz





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