Katie Melua - Piece By Piece - Extremely Rare LP Vinyl

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New - Unopened - Extremely Rare

Piece by Piece--the second album from Katie Melua, and the successor to her multimillion-selling Call Off the Search--begins teasingly with the soft-pedaled "come hither" jazz flirtations of "Shy Boy" and concludes with the whispering philosophical torch-song resignation of "I Do Believe in Love." Melua's songs are often the more fretful and organic--the ghostly title track and the lovely "I Cried for You" are especially recommended.  Piece by Piece fits together nicely like a little jigsaw puzzle. And even if it didn't, Melua would still sound simply ambrosial singing from a washing machine repair manual.

 Rare & Collectable items are non-returnable/refundable

1. Shy Boy
2. Nine Million Bicycles
3. Piece By Piece
4. Halfway Up The Hindu Kush
5. Blues In The Night
6. Spider's Web
7. Blue Shoes
8. On The Road Again
9. Thank You, Stars
10. Just Like Heaven
11. I Cried For You
12. I Do Believe In Love

Recording Artist Katie Melua
Product Title Piece By Piece
Product Barcode 802987002615

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