John Lennon - Mindgames - RARE 180G LP VINYL - MOFI

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Numbered Limited-Edition 180-gram LP Sourced from Original Master Tapes

The title cut was one of John Lennon's most Spector-esque singles with its voluminous sound and gorgeous melody delivering his ''nutopian'' message. The album is one of his most diverse stylistically ranging from the aforementioned ballad to the upbeat jaunt of ''Tight As'' to the sonic funkiness of ''Meat City'' and all points in between. This 1973 album was recorded at New York City's Record Plant with the finest studio cats of the day: Michael Brecker, David Spinozza, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Jim Keltner, and many others. Lennon's credits his guitar, clavinet, and percussion playing to his Dr. Winston O'Boogie persona. A very fine addition to the MFSL John Lennon collection.

Sometimes overlooked, John Lennon's Mind Games draws upon an immediate kinship with Plastic Ono Band & Imagine and features several of Lennon's best work including the title track as well as "I Know (I Know)", "You Are Here", and "Out of the Blue" among others.

MFSL consulted heavily with the staff at Abbey Road Studios to ensure the best Gain 2 (Greater Ambient Information Network) remastering possible on this album. The result is a new sonic standard for this '70s rock classic.

"A return to some of his best ballad work since Imagine and Plastic Ono Band." - All Music Guide to Rock

Rare & Collectable items are non-returnable/refundable


1. Mind Games
2. Tight A$
3. Aisumasen (I'm Sorry)
4. One Day (At a Time)
5. Bring on the Lucie (Freda Peeple)
6. Nutopian International Anthem
7. Intuition
8. Out the Blue
9. Only People
10. I Know (I Know)
11. You Are Here
12. Meat City

Rare & Collectable items are non-returnable/refundable








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