In-Akustik Antistatic Carbon-Fiber LP Record Brush

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The In-Akustik Anti-Static LP Brush has over a million conductive carbon fibers. They are small enough to get into the LP groove and their conductive properties helps drain away static charge. A ground wire is not required. Static charge is high voltage, low amperage and is easily dissipated into the user's body. Requires no fluid.

Directions :
1. Place record on platter and start turntable.
2. Holding metal part of brush, gently place the brush across the grooves for a few turns until dust is collected.
3. With the brush on the record, carefully pull the brush towards you. Try not to lose any of the collected dust. It might be necessary to make a second pass to insure getting the very fine micro-dust which the carbon fibers are capable of collecting.
4. Rotate the brush within the metal handle to clean the bristles.

  • Antistatic Eliminates static discharge on both sides
  • More than a million conductive carbon fibres for deep cleaning
  • Protective guard with stripping edge for cleaning the fibres
  • Reduces crackling noises

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