In-Akustik Excellence High Tech Gel Absorbers Isolation Discs - Set of 4

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The In-Akustik vibration absorber kit provides solid isolation for your hifi equipment. The absorbers have a special clear damping gel disc insert that absorbs vibration energy. The isolator base disc is beautiful German machined Stainless Steel. The set contains 4 gel pads and 4 stainless steel base discs.

Vibrations are caused in different ways and can be transmitted by induced, structure-borne and airborne noise. The combination of airborne and structure-borne noise causes all of the components of the hi-fi system to vibrate mechanically. Experiments have shown that this has a considerable impact on the sound.

Kit Includes:

(4) Clear High Tech Absorber Gel Inserts
(4) One piece Bottom Discs are machined ​​from Solid Stainless Steel

Dimensions 1.8"W x 0.25"H

Made in Germany

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