Dynaudio Connect Wireless Transmitter for XEO and XD Speakers

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The new Dynaudio Connect wireless transmitter is now available. The Connect offers a higher level of connectivity and convenience to the new Focus XD digital active loudspeakers and to the second-gen Xeo (Xeo 4 & Xeo 6) models.

The Connect shares the same form factor of the Dynaudio Hub, and features the same complement of audio inputs, with one each Mini stereo and RCA stereo analogue, as well as one each Optical, Coax and USB digital inputs. What the Connect adds as far as an upgrade from the Hub is Bluetooth connectivity (A2DP, apt-x, and AAC compatibility) for streaming, Spotify Connect, 24/192 source compatibility on the Optical and Coaxial digital inputs, and Wi-Fi integration to facilitate DLNA streaming off of one's network while also allowing full system App Control (via iOS devices).

When used in a Focus XD system, the Connect is capable of completely wireless high-resolution lossless streaming to the speakers, at full 24 bit depth and up to 96 kHz sample rates (to one zone). Multi-room, multi-zone systems can be configured as well, with 16 bit 48 kHz wireless transmission to up to three zone of Focus XD or Xeo (second gen) loudspeakers.

The Connect will automatically connect to one's home Wi-Fi network, thus allowing the streaming of music directly from a mobile device or computer. The integrated Spotify Connect feature allows users to conveniently stream music directly from their Spotify account with ease. DLNA players connected to the network will also easily stream to the speakers wirelessly via the Connect through the WI-Fi interface.

Dynaudio's App adds a great deal of convenience to the operation of a Focus XD or Xeo 4/Xeo 6 system instead of the respective speakers' included remote controls. Via the Connect and the Dynaudio App, users can select the input, set the volume, or power the system on and off. The App also allows one to re-name inputs, for example Coax can be re-named as "CD Player", Optical can be re-named "Apple TV". In multi-room setups, Zones can be re-named from "Blue" to "Family Room" for example. The Dynaudio App thus enables a personalized level of customization and much more simplified operation of the system.

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