Cardas Clear Light Interconnect - 1.5M XLR - PAIR

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10/10 Condition - Demo Pair

Light is George Cardas' newest design, featuring developments that are a result of his many years as an audio cable designer. Light interconnect is neutral and revealing. A serious audiophile cable, Light provides high end extension, refined lows, and a refined sound stage. Light works well at any length, including extra long runs.

This slender, highly resolute cable will add additional speed and accuracy to most systems.

Light Interconnect uses Matched Propagation conductors, recently awarded US Patent 7,674,973.

  • Outside Diameter: .268
  • RCA Capacitance: 19 pf/ft
  • XLR Capacitance: 10 pf/ft

Cardas Light Termination Costs: No extra charge for any RCA or XLR.

Custom sizes available by the 0.5m. Please email or call us at 480.991.8181 for professional purchase assistance.

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