Clearaudio Basic V2 Phono Preamp

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There’s nothing basic about the basic V2 phono stage

Don’t be fooled by its cool, minimalist design. Within that sleek aluminum casing (with silver or black anodized finish) lies an inner world of highly refined features. Its predecessor, the basic plus, was a multi-award winner and with the V2 we’ve taken all of that coveted ‘Plus’ technology up a notch.

On the outside, we’ve kept it very simple. There’s just one visible control, a single power switch on the upper surface that opens up a raft of possibilities. On the underside you can switch between moving coil and moving magnet mode. From there, you can easily enjoy the basic V2 with almost any high-end phono cartridge without making any further adjustments, or you can choose from a range of performance enhancing settings to fine-tune its parameters to your system and your heart’s content. An optional subsonic filter attenuates any unwanted low frequency noise, while RIAA equalization accuracy is within 0.1 dB, all of which adds up to the basic V2 being the perfect all-rounder for both audiophiles and music lovers.


  • Mode: MM/MC (Subsonic filter switchable)
  • Amplification @ 1 kHz: +46 dB (MM mode) +66 dB (MC mode)
  • Input impedance: 47 kOhm / 270 pF / MM mode 500 Ohm / 270 pF / MC mode
  • MM / MC input: switchable (at bottom)
  • RIAA: 75 μs / 318 μs / 3180 μs, 2 passive filter
  • RIAA accuracy: ± 0.10 dB
  • THD: < 0.002% (IEC A)
  • Signal to noise ratio: -72 db (MM mode) -67 dB (MC mode)
  • Channel separation: > 90 dB (@ 1 kHz)
  • Max. output voltage: >10 V (@ 1 kHz)
  • Subsonic filter: 20 Hz (–18 dB / Oct.; switchable on bottom panel, on each channel)
  • Power consumption: Max. consumption in operation: 3 watts Standby mode: <0.3 watts
  • Power supply: ± 18 V DC (external power supply, 1.4m cable length)
  • Output connections: Unbalanced (RCA)
  • Total weight: Approx. 1.2 kg (Preamp and power supply)
  • Dimensions (W/D/H in inches): Preamp: 4.64 x 5.71 (6.22 with RCA) x 1.65 Power Supply: 3.94 x 2.17 x 3.46
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