Cardas Golden Myrtle Blocks LARGE Double V - 6

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Double-notched V-Blocks from Cardas are an excellent way to get your cables up off the floor and keep them there. The double notch accommodates two cables per block. Sold in sets of (6).

Dimensions (large) - 1.0" x 1.618" x 2.618" Support up to 80lbs

The Cardas Golden Block is made from America's most beautiful hardwood, the legendary Myrtle tree. Rarest of all woods, this symmetrical, broadleaf, evergreen Myrtle grows only in Southwestern Oregon (Coos and Curry counties) and the Biblical Holy Lands. Myrtlewood has a very complex grain structure. The coloring of the wood is unique, varying from a sedate, satiny gray to riotously, multicolored grains of red, yellow, and brown, with many burls and shapes in its grain. Denser than Oak, unseasoned Myrtle logs will not float. 

They work with speaker cables, power cords, interconnects, SATV cable, and more... The v-shaped notch fits cables of all sizes.

Can hold two runs of cables.

Sold in sets of (6)

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