Cardas Clear Speaker Cable - PAIR - 2M Banana - TRADE-IN

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The new Cardas Clear is amazing! George Cardas' latest pursuit of perfection. This cable dances the razors edge of musicality and resolution. Some high performance cables can tend to be "too revealing." Not the Clear... due to it's sophisticated construction it is a pure window to music. The Clear is non Biwirable (Clear Beyond is biwire capable).

Clear speaker cables are the outgrowth of years of intense refinements to every aspect of speaker cable design. New metallurgical drawing and refining techniques have yielded a new, extremely low eddy current copper. The geometry is a perfect mirror, matched propagation design that is as near to perfection as any ever envisioned. The connectors and the connection techniques are, without a doubt, the best ever devised. Clear Speaker cable is perfect for most amplifier speaker combinations.

  • Outside Diameter: .600
  • Dielectric Type: Teflon®
  • Inductance: .0176 uh/ft/loop
  • Capacitance: 278 pf pf/ft
  • Bi Wire Option: No
  • Cable AWG: 8
  • Conductor Type: Perfect Mirror Quadaxial

A new form of termination where the spades/banana are crush forged onto the cable to create one solid copper junction.

Sold in pairs

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