Cardas Clear Cygnus Power Cord

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A scaled down version of Clear Beyond Power, Cygnus Power features three well shielded conductors and a passive noise filter.

Although designed for use with source equipment and small-to-medium sized amplifiers, Cygnus Power has the current handling capacity for even larger, tube powered amps.

As you would expect, Cygnus Power pairs well with the rest of the Cygnus lineup, and provides many of the benefits of it’s higher-capacity siblings, at a fraction of the price.

 Clear Cygnus Power comes standard with Cardas 3455R Power connectors, featuring copper blades & clips, plated with rhodium over silver. All standard international wall plugs are also available, as are 20 amp IEC connectors.

  • Golden Ratio Conductors
  • Ultra-Pure Cardas Copper Conductors
  • Air Filled Teflon Tubes
  • Litz Construction
  • Rhodium over Silver Plated Terminations
  • Broadband Noise Filtration
  • TPR Insulation
  • 13 AWG

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