Cardas Clear Light Speaker Cable - PAIR

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The Cardas Clear Light Speaker cable carries a remarkable cost to performance ratio. It sports "trickle-down" technology from the Cardas Clear and Cardas Beyond to this affordable over-achever. Clear Light offers grainless, effortless and extended performance unmatched by previous Cardas designs.

These cables deliver a powerful, dynamic presentation which allows the amplifier to truly control the speakers. Clear Light excels in conveying the subtle dynamic shading which allows a system to transcend hi-fi and transport you into the recorded event.

Clear Light is a simplified version of our renowned Clear speaker cable, offering much of Clear's performance at a more affordable price.

Clear Light features a symmetrical, matched propagation design, very similar to the conductor used in Clear Speaker cable.

As with Clear and Clear Beyond, Clear Light comes standard with forged spades.

Outside Diameter: .670" - Banana Terminations optional.

Clear Light Speaker is now fitted with engraved, anodized aluminum end pieces.

Sold in pairs

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