Cardas Clear Cygnus Speaker Cable - PAIR

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Clear Cygnus goes beyond the performance of its predecessor (Clear Light), and offers more termination options at the same price point. Clear Cygnus brings many of the benefits of Clear Speaker Cable to a more affordable product - accuracy, musicality, imaging - thanks to our patented Matched Propagation Conductor technology.

Clear Cygnus can be internally bi-wired - ADDS $200.00

  • .375" O.D.
  • Cardas copper
  • PFA-air dielectric
  • 4 x 25.5 AWG
  • Matched Propagation
  • Golden section
  • Crossfield, litz, double shielding
  • Alcryn jacket
  • Gauge: 4x25.5 AWG
  • Outside Diameter: 0.384”/9.76mm

Sold in pairs

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