Cardas Clear Beyond Phono X2

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Clear Beyond Dual Phono has been a “secret menu item” for a while. We were asked to prepare a pair of Clear Beyond Interconnects for use with a 5-pin DIN tonearm in an extreme analog system being shown at the Munich High End Show. Then word spread, and those in the know fell in love with it. Now Clear

Beyond Dual Phono has escaped into the marketplace.A single run of Clear Beyond Interconnect, with multiple shields,and eight 26.5 AWG Matched Propagation Conductors, is atop performing phono cable. Some vinyl playback systems,however, benefit from a dual run of interconnects. That’s nota problem when your turntable has RCA outputs. But if yourtonearm has a DIN connector, you’re typically limited to a consolidated phono cable.

Custom terminations including Cardas R-DIN and SME 90°DIN connections are available.

  • Standard Terminations: Cardas S-DIN to SRCA.
  • Hand terminated in Bandon, Oregon.
  • Design/Construction Conductors: Matched Propagation Kevlar core, ultra fine Grade 1, 99.9999% pure OFHC copperwith SPN clear coat (Litz), gauge sizes scaled to Golden Ratio proportions and range from 47 AWG to39 AWG.
  • Cross-field layer geometry, insulated in ultra thin extruded PTFE jacket.
  • Geometry: Star-Quad 4 conductors with anti-static LDPE airtubes bound with carbon impregnated PTFE tape wrap. Outer layer uses PTFE air-tubes scaled 1.618 times larger than the core tubes to suspend the composite shield of tinned copper and magnet wire away from the signal carrying conductors.
  • Finished in an ultra soft extruded TPR jacket.
  • Gauge: 8x26.5 AWG
  • Outside Diameter: 0.511”/13mm

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