Cardas Audio 3x10AWG In-Wall Power Cord - Mains Supply Cable - 17ft

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Last Piece - 17ft uncut

I'm sorry, we cannot cut to length. 

Cardas has decided to discontinue manufacturing this high quality cable due to significant increase in production costs. Get it while you can!

High-end AC cable made specifically for dedicated lines from your breaker panel to your audio/video room outlets. Cardas Audio In-Wall Power 3 x 10 AWG (5.27 mm2) OFC Pure Copper for use in supplying high-quality, non-current limiting AC power while enhancing audio or video quality beyond standard commercially available cable. This cable was designed to allow any system to perform to it's highest potential.

Specifications are easily met at 30 amps with heavy duty 600V, 105C rated (UL) VW-1, (CSA) FT-1, 2 x 10 AWG (5.27 mm2) current carrying conductors, plus ground (3 conductors total). Outer diameter is approx. 0.5 inches. Improves performance and resolution in any quality dedicated audio power line installations.

Be sure to visit our Outlets page for audio grade wall receptacles. Use this in place of standard in-wall for your dedicated power supply lines.

CAUTION: Lethal voltages are encountered when removing and installing high voltage AC devices. Have this work done by a competent technician or licensed electrician.

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