Cardas 4181US Duplex Outlet

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The Cardas Audio 4181US Duplex Power Outlet features copper contact surfaces, plated with rhodium over silver, for improved electrical contact and current transfer. Amazing grip tension provides solid contact and superb plug retention on the heaviest of cables.

Configurable in many ways. The top & bottom outlet can be joined (as with a standard duplex), or completely electrically isolated from each other. Either can be grounded to the mounting bracket, or isolated from it.

Can be used as a Duplex or Isolate each outlet removing the jumpers (a) isolates the positive and neutral. Remove one of the hex-head ground screws (b) to isolate the grounds.


CAUTION: Lethal voltages are encountered when removing and installing high voltage AC devices. Have this work done by a competent technician or licensed electrician.

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