Cambridge Audio TV5 Compact Speaker Base with Bluetooth

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  • The black TV5 Compact Speaker Base from Cambridge Audio is a Bluetooth-compatible speaker designed to be an upgrade for flat panel TVs by providing rich bass and clear dialogue and fidelity, all without the clutter of surround sound speakers or an external subwoofer. The compact, sleek base sits neatly under any flat screen television that weighs up to 66 pounds and that fits on the speaker's surface. For larger TVs, the speaker base can be placed on a TV rack shelf. The TV5 Speaker Base is easy to set up, and its cabinet is made of composite wood to minimize vibration and distortion.

    The TV5's 100-watt amplifier uses digital signal processing (DSP) technology and is used to drive two Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) driver units and built-in subwoofers. BMR speaker drivers create sound by moving not just backward and forward, like traditional TV or sound bar speakers, but with horizontal and vertical vibration too, for wider sound that fills your room. The TV5's twin 6.5-inch active downward-firing subwoofers are designed to deliver rich, deep bass by giving it twice the bass driver surface area and double the efficiency in bass response. Because the subwoofers point downwards, the speaker be placed in any direction, and the speaker cone is protected against damage. The TV5 Compact Speaker Base offers three ways to connect to TV audio: optical, RCA, and mini TRS. The TOSLINK optical input allows the speaker base to process digital audio signals directly from your TV for improved sound quality. For older TVs and devices that do not have digital audio outputs, the TV5 also includes RCA and 3.5mm analog audio inputs.

    The Compact Speaker Base is capable of wirelessly streaming audio from any Bluetooth-enabled device. Whether you're using a phone, a tablet, or a computer, the speaker can play everything from your own music and movies to audio content from apps and streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix, and Pandora. Each time you turn on the TV5, it will automatically pair with any of the last eight devices that it was paired to, creating an easy-to-use sound hub for all your entertainment.

    The TV5 Speaker Base has four sound modes, each of which subtly adjusts the EQ settings of the built-in amplifier to suit the type of audio being played. The base comes with an ergonomic remote control to set its sound modes, input, and volume, but its volume can also be controlled by your TV or satellite remote using the base's IR learning function. To save power, the TV5 Speaker has an Auto Power Down (APD) feature that automatically turns the speaker off if no sound has been playing for several seconds, and it automatically turns it back on when you start watching TV or listening to music again.

  • Compatible with flat screen TVs, smartphones, tablets, computers, and other audio devices

    Digital and analog audio connections

    Wireless audio streaming with aptX technology

    One-button Bluetooth pairing remembers up to eight devices DSP-driven amplifier

    Dual BMR drivers and built-in subwoofers

    Four selectable sound modes

    Automatically turns on and off to save power

    IR learning remote

    Removable grille

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