Cambridge Audio CXA60 Integrated Amplifier

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    Designing the CX Series amplifiers was a labour of love; the product of a team dedicated to extracting every drop of pleasure and detail from all genres of music. These amplifiers will help you discover a new dimension of sound. The CXA60 must be heard to be believed. Rated at 60 Watts per channel, its class AB amplifier design will reveal spectacular detail in your music. Low-flux toroidal transformer further enhance performance and together these design details deliver incredible control over your speakers. 


    To journey deeper into the music you love, the CXA60 has been designed from the ground up with built-in digital to analogue conversion capabilities. Using a high-specification 24-bit/192kHz WM8740 DAC chip from Wolfson, the CXA60 offers a powerful upgrade for all your digital sources. Add an optional BT100 Bluetooth dongle and you’ve got aptX streaming direct from your smartphone or tablet, allowing access to music from Spotify, Youtube, and a host of others.


    We mount the premium transformer centrally, to reduce flux or magnetic disturbance from the volume pot. 


    Class AB amplifier design, a centrally mounted audiophile grade oversize toroidal transformer, and substantial extruded heatsinks. This allows the CXA60 to deliver 2 x 60 Watts RMS into 8 Ohms. Into 4 Ohms, this increases to 2 x 90W.


    The internal PCB layout is optimized for minimal left/right 'crosstalk' and to maximize the quality of stereo separation. By using symmetrical and separated circuit paths for the two channels, we ensure that the CXA60 and CXA80 deliver stunning stereo separation and minimum cross- channel interference.


    An ALPs film type volume pot delivers accurate volume control and superb low level channel balance.


    Both our CXA60 and CXA80 amplifiers employ the same Wolfson WM8740 DAC, and there’s a very good reason for that: it sounds superb! There are more recent Wolfson DACs in circulation, however none sound quite as great as the WM8740 in our view. Which is why, time and again, we choose them.


    The transistors used by the CXA60 are not your usual common or garden offerings. They come with an integrated Dynamic Thermal Tracking System. So what does this mean? Normally a Power Output transistor utilizes a thermo-coupler attached directly to the heat sink of the amp; this informs the system so that it can rebias when key temperatures are reached. However, using Integrated Dynamic Thermal tracking provides a far more accurate reading of the real temperature of a transistor, and relays it faster too because it’s not a delayed heating effect. This enables us to bias the amplifier more accurately and in almost real time. Which means your CXA60 is always running at optimum performance.


    If you want to use a subwoofer as part of your speaker complement, the CXA60 doesn’t penalise you for it. Because we want to ensure there’s no unnecessary high frequency noise affecting the subwoofer, we’ve put the output filter at 3KHz. This is high enough to prevent any phase shift associated with the low pass filter affecting what happens below 200Hz. The result is a phase linear subwoofer output signal which is clean and musical.


    There’s some revolutionary signal management happening beneath the lid of the CXA60. For the first time, our engineers decided to go fully balanced rather than single-ended all the way through. As a consequence, any noise that that might be picked up in the audio signal while routing through the amplifier is cancelled before it’s output.


    The CX range represents a step change in the way our engineers have approached signal path design, and the result is one of our most musical and entertaining amplifiers yet. Previously, we went to almost surgical lengths to minimise distortion in order to get the best results. This invariably meant 46 components sat in the signal path. For the CX Series, we wanted to dramatically reduce that component count. The CXA60 now has only 24 components in the signal path. The big difference is that there are now 500 support components as well. Their job is to guarantee those 24 key components are absolutely optimal all the time, regardless of mains fluctuations and other influences. This has made a big difference when it comes to tuning. Previously, tweaking one of the 46 components only made a small difference and it was sometimes difficult to quantify exactly what difference any change made. With the CX series, those 24 components have now actually become quite critical. Changing just one affects the character of the amplifier.We can hear very clearly what each of those components is doing. This revision has fundamentally changed the character of the amplifier. Listening to a CX series amplifier is fun, engaging and exciting. 


    If you want to use your CXA60 with a Bluetooth source, we offer an optional BT100 audio receiver. To ensure that this does not interfere with other components in the amplifier, it’s isolated internally on the digital input board. From the ground up, this is an audiophile Bluetooth device. All the coding for the BT100, including the aptX implementation, is done in-house. We even include an extension cable which enables you get the best Bluetooth range.

    Sometimes there’s a good reason to keep things uncomplicated. The CXA60 features a high-quality damped metal chassis, designed to ensure that nothing rattles or interferes with the electronics. We’ve also kept volume control simple. The CXA60 uses a logarithmic ALPS pot. And when it comes to switching inputs, the CXA60 uses relay switching with silver plated contacts. This classic approach is still the best way to move signals around, rather than with transistors or electronic switches.
    • 60 watts x 2 channels into 8 ohms (90 watts x 2 channels into 4 ohms)
    • 4-ohm capability allows use with a wide range of speakers
    • Class A/B amplifier design
    • Ground lift switch to eliminate potential noise through USB connection
    • Remote control included
    • Dimensions (W x H x D): 16-15/16" x 4-1/2" x 13-7/16"
    • Weight: 19.1 lbs.
    • Wolfson WM8740 DAC 
    • Full-metal casework with thick, brushed aluminum front panel and acoustically damped chassis for enhanced resonance control
    • 2 optical and 1 coaxial digital audio inputs
    • 4 stereo RCA audio inputs, 1 front-panel minijack (3.5mm) audio input
    • Bluetooth®-ready with optional BT100
    • 1 stereo RCA preamp output and a dedicated mono subwoofer output
    • Minijack headphone output
    • Switchable A+B speaker outputs with binding-post connectors

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