Cambridge Audio Air 100 High Powered Wireless Speaker

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The Air 100 music system is both an AirPlay, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speaker, allowing you to stream music stored on an iPhone, iPad, smartphone, tablet, computer or through music apps like Spotify and Napster.


We’ve worked tirelessly to get a huge sound from this compact speaker; it will pour deep and rich sound into your lounge, kitchen or bedroom with effortless power. The latest digital amplifier and signal processing technologies are combined with our patented BMR speakers for performance like no other wireless system. And it will go properly loud to get the party going!


The Air 100 is designed by our in-house team who have a reputation for sound quality and innovation in audio technology. The Air’s compact sleek design conceals a host of premium features which we have taken straight from our full hi-fi designs. Beneath its rigid enclosure, the Air 100’s acoustically damped cabinet is designed to eliminate vibration and distortion – we’ve also incorporated a bass port within the carry handle which produces heart thumping lows for your music.


AirPlay – Apple's Wi-Fi streaming technology means you can seamlessly play high-quality audio from your iPhone, iPad or iTunes account.

Bluetooth – Stereo Bluetooth is found in almost every smartphone, tablet and computer so as long as your device is within a 10 meter range, you can wirelessly stream high quality music with ease. As well as standard Bluetooth, the Air 100 supports two higher quality systems which means you can get the best possible results from your Bluetooth device.

AptX - The Air also supports aptX which is a higher quality version of standard Bluetooth and squeezes the absolute maximum digital detail out of any device that supports it. This enables CD-quality playback of high-bitrate digital audio files.


Patented Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) speaker drivers deliver a wider, more room-filling sound than similarly sized traditional speakers. Regular speakers – like you’ll find in other portable systems – move in and out to create sound. Our BMR speakers also create sound using horizontal vibration modes, which disperses sound more widely meaning the speaker sounds great from wherever you are.


Bring the Air's stunning, superior audio quality to your favourite music apps and streaming services via your smartphone, tablet or computer. Listen to popular services including, Spotify or BBC iPlayer Radio.

You can also enjoy Internet radio at the touch of a button in crisp audio and use the 5 presets on the Air 100 to access your favourites without the need for your phone or tablet. You can discover new stations from around the world in seconds. Just tap our free Air app on your phone or tablet and search by genre or location from over 20,000 stations.


  • Minx Air 100 fills your room with 100W of power 
  • Playback music from your phone, tablet or computer 
  • AirPlay connection - play high-quality audio from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or iTunes simply and wirelessly 
  • Bluetooth connection - play high quality audio from any Bluetooth device. Minx Air also supports enhanced quality Bluetooth with devices that support AAC or apt-X 
  • Internet radio - your favourite stations at the touch of a button. Discover new stations from around the world in seconds using the Minx Air App... 
  • Music apps and streaming services - Use your smartphone, tablet or computer to hear Spotify, Napster, BBC iPlayer and other apps in hi-fi quality with Minx Air 
  • Patented BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator) speaker drivers for a wider, more room-filling sound than similar-sized traditional speakers 
  • High efficiency digital amplifiers for maximum power 
  • Digital Signal Processing - 24-bit DSP runs processors developed by Waves Audio. Waves audio enhancements are used in top recording and mastering studios and are featured on hit records, major motion pictures and video games 
  • Wired connections - plug your TV, Blu-ray player or other home entertainment devices into Minx Air for a vastly improved audio experience 
  • Minx Air Apps - Custom developed apps for iPhone, iPad (iOS) and Android devices for ultimate control. Access 10 radio presets, volume control, bass and EQ settings. The app includes a comprehensive set-up tutorial and links to a series of step-by-step videos. It can also be used to configure first time network connection 
  • Simple Set-up - Our intuitive videos and Quick Start guide explain how to connect Minx Air to a network in seconds. Or use the built-in ethernet socket for plug-and-play connection 
  • Minx Air's discreet design conceals audio-enhancing features, the acoustically damped cabinet is designed to eliminate vibration and distortion - even at high volumes. Cleverly, it incorporates a bass port within the carry handle 
  • Ideal for use across your home - Living rooms, Dining rooms, Kitchens, Bedrooms Workshops 
  • Dimensions: (W x H x D) 354mm (13.9'') x 182mm (8.7'') x 118 mm (4.6'')

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