Cambridge Audio 700 RCA Interconnect Cables - 1.0M PAIR

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The Cambridge Audio AUD700 is certainly one of the most musical sounding leads in its price range. What marks this cable out is the use of an ultra-high quality, silver-plated OFC copper core. Silver plating the copper produces less electrical resistance, thereby offering an even more transparent and realistic sound quality. The 700 plugs are high quality, too. 24K gold-plating ensures a low resistance connection, whilst metal sleeves reduce interference. Cable strain relieves and rubberized rings are the finishing touches.  


  • Reference Stereo Interconnect
  • OFC Copper
  • Premium 24K Gold Connectors
  • Braided + Mylar Shields
  • 1.0M pairs

This product is guaranteed for its lifetime against defects arising from design or assembly, material or workmanship.

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