Cambridge Audio 300 RCA Interconnect Cables

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The Cambridge AUD300 follows on from the Cambridge Arctic and offers a number of advantages over the AUD100 that really "open up" the sound. The Cambridge 300 is shielded not just once, but twice - with both a braided screen and aluminium Mylar one. Most noticeably, the 300 is the first of the acclaimed Cambridge interconnects to use metal bodied RCA phono sockets. Featuring 24K gold plated connectors and clasp ends, you will not get a better connection for the money! 

  • Stereo Interconnect
  • OFC Copper
  • 24K Gold Connectors
  • Braided + Mylar Shields
  • 1.0M and 3.0M pairs

This product is guaranteed for its lifetime against defects arising from design or assembly, material or workmanship.

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