Audioengine P4 Passive Speakers

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With a sleek, modern look on the outside and state-of-the-art technology on inside, Audioengine's P4 Passive Speakers are perfect for stereo receivers, integrated amps, and tube amplifiers.

Perfect for Kickin' it Old School, or New School, or Even Middle School

P4 Passive Speakers give you award-winning Audioengine sound in a bold, modern cabinet connected to your tried and true integrated amplifier or stereo receiver.

In With the New, In With the Old

We designed the P4 Passive Speakers to pair nicely with digital or hybrid amplifiers as well as stereo receivers, integrated amps, and tube amplifiers. The P4 has a 4 ohm impedance rating, which means it's built to handle more power. At the same time, it still sounds great when connected to any receiver or integrated power amplifier with 4, 6, or 8 ohm speaker output impedance.

We Know You'll Love the P4 Passive Speakers and Here's Why
  • 2-way passive, front-ported design – the sound exits the speaker primarily through the front and you don't have to worry about sound reverberating off of walls behind the speaker
  • Hand-built cabinets –offersuperior quality compared to their mass produced competition
  • Silk dome tweeters aramid fiber woofers – high quality parts that reproduce sound beautifully and are built to last
We Made Setup Quick and Easy

We take our time designing and producing our home music systems so that you won't have to take any time getting them set up. Just a simple connection between speakers and your stereo AV receiver, integrated amplifier, or tube amp and you're ready to rock.

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