Audience Conductor SE Digital Interconnect Cable - RCA S/PDIF - EACH

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Conductor cables are a high performance to price ratio, entry level cable by Audience. Like all cables by Audience, the Conductor line is designed for low eddy-current resistance. We have found low eddy-current resistance to be the most important quality in high-resolution audio and video cables. The Conductor cables are very flexible, making them easy to install in tight spaces. To achieve greater sonic purity, the physical design leans towards simplicity. Our ultra-simple Au24 RCA connectors maintain this simplicity. Subjectively, a natural musical timbre is realized. Tonally, there is a family resemblance with the Au24 interconnects with only slightly less resolution.
The Conductor High Resolution cables are an excellent choice when high resolution, tonally pleasing sound reproduction is desired while staying within budget.


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