Acme Audio 20a Silver Plated Cryogenically Treated Audiophile Outlet - White

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Note: New Upgrade - Fully plated silver over brass backstraps for better grounding.

This is an outstanding outlet with energetic performance. Also great for digital or tubed equipment. A great performer. The Acme Audio is Silver Plated Olin #688 Brass, Cryogenically Treated 20a@125VAC Outlet. This is the highly modified all brass 5362 Pass and Seymour product. All contact areas have been silver plated prior to cryogenically treatment by Jena Labs or Kimber Kable. Even the nickel plated side wire mount screws have been removed and replaced with all brass, silver plated screws. This is an energetic "all-around" outlet and offers stellar performance to digital or tubed equipment.


CAUTION: Lethal voltages are encountered when removing and installing high voltage AC devices. Have this work done by a competent technician or licensed electrician.

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