Clearaudio Basic Plus MM/MC Phono Preamplifier with outboard Power Supply

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Basic Plus Phono Preamplifier comes standard as a two box unit - phonostage and power supply creating an extremely quite combination. If you wish to take your performance to the next level, consider the optional Accu Power Battery power supply.

The Basic Plus phono stage has enough gain to drive the lowest output phono cartridges. The layout of the circuitry is optimized for high channel separation. It features high-quality gold-plated input and output RCA terminals. A single button switches between moving coil and moving magnet functionality. The circuit board is encased in a solid, resonance-free CNC-machined aluminum chassis, providing excellent protection from unwanted vibration and resonance.

Due to its compact size, the signal path lengths are extremely short, which leads to a pure, noise-free musical reproduction. A dedicated power transformer keeps the audio circuits as quiet as possible.

Clearaudio’s optional Accu Plus battery power supply may be added at any time, allowing the Basic Plus to run on pure DC power for even greater performance (note: Basic Plus comes standard as a two box unit - phonostage and power supply as show - the battery power supply is optional).

“The Basic Plus is everything a modestly priced phonostage should be.” – The Absolute Sound Editors Choice Awards

 “If you are in need of a phono stage that can handle most anything you throw at it, don’t want something overly fussy and want to listen to the music that can be extracted from your vinyl and not listen to the extractor, then seek out the Clearaudio Basic Plus…” 

  • Editors Choice Award - The Absolute Sound
  • Product of the Year - The Absolute Sound

Clearaudio Basic Technical Data:

  • MM/MC - Rca's In & Out
  • Gain: 60dB (MC) 40dB (MM) 
  • Input impedance: 800 
  • Ohms/270pF MC47k Ohms/270pF MM 
  • RIAA Accuracy: +/- 0.2 dB 
  • Distortion: 0.004% 
  • Signal/Noise ratio: >65 dB(MC) 
  • Channel separation: >90 dB 
  • MM/MC input: Switchable (on bottom) 
  • Power voltage: +/- 25V DC 
  • Outputs: Asymmetrical (RCA) 
  • Weight: 1.5 kg 
  • Dimensions (in mm): 102x165x60

    Optional Accu Battery Power Supply 

    Housed in a matching aluminum chassis, the Accu Plus is a sophisticated DC power supply upgrade designed exclusively for the Clearaudio Basic Plus and Balance Plus phono stages. The Accu Plus provides these phono stages with pure, clean DC battery power. Battery power guarantees that no noise or distortion from the AC mains supply can pollute the delicate phono signal. The innovative circuitry of the Accu Plus monitors user-replaceable NiMH batteries, charging them when necessary for optimal performance.

    Those seeking the last work in low noise and isolation, should also consider the Clearaudio Accu Plus, an outboard NiMH battery supply ($900).


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